Sep 08 2012
croweater ASKED:
Why did I not know until now the SOR had a Tumblr? O.O ~Kit <3

Haha, but in all seriousness, don’t worry about it! We don’t update it much at all now that the site’s up and running. Still,

Much love, Violet

Sep 01 2012


please be aware that the mp3 on our application will not show up when you hit “preview post,” and it also will not show up upon first posting. there will only be a blank white space; you have to post AND refresh the page in order to see the mp3. 

  1. THAT up there is the code in the application that creates the mp3, and the bit outlined in red is the only part you should be editing otherwise everything will get screwy. (make sure you delete all the exclamation marks or else that could also keep your mp3 from working properly.) 
  2. now, if you’re stuck on where to get mp3 links, i highly recommend mp3skull; it’s very easy to navigate and use. just type the song you’re looking for in the search bar.

annndddd that’s it; just take that link and insert it where specified, and (after you post + refresh the app) the mp3 should work. hopefully this little explanation will clear up any confusion because i know when i first started working with mp3s, i was beyond frustrated haha. ~ NOSFERATU/MIMI

11:31 AM

the third activity check ended!

if you were marked inactive but still want to stay, re-do your claims, and an admin will re-sort you. ALSO!

remember to participate in our poll about a possible upcoming au site event! 

Aug 24 2012
Jul 20 2012
Jul 19 2012

skin change!

and new staff and site event and activity check OH MY. 

Jun 30 2012

activity check has ended!

inactive accounts have been deleted or demoted to the unknown member group. lots of faces open~

Jun 22 2012
Jun 10 2012
Jun 04 2012